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Stepfather Fred – Numb

What starts almost shy and mysterious, ingnites like a rocket stage when reaching the boiling point. What attracts me most in this tune is its ability to transmit both emotion and energy. Through a defensive guitar line and a reverbed atmosphere, the tune gives the listener room to slowly get used to the scenery before blowing the roof off.

Being a song about coping with the loss of a loved one and the obstacles of mastering daily life while having to deal with an emotional crisis, the track contains exactly the necessary amount of desperation, anger, and helplessness. This is mainly pictured through the vocals, yet also the instruments do their part to show the listener the blueprint of how it feels to go through such a phase. And it’s exactly this honest energy that makes ‘Numb’ something special. There’s a balance held between emotion and drive which isn’t easy to maintain, yet in this tune you have the best of both worlds so to speak. This is real. It’s kickass rock with a special moody ingredient.

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