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Tim Chou – Lose Somebody

There’s a lot of emotion packed into the new release of Australian singer/songwriter Tim Chou. At times, it’s almost painful to listen to these intense and raw emotions that are transmitted through the voice of Chou. But it’s comforting to share these feelings at the same time.

I guess we all can relate to the moodset we’re going through when losing someone in one way or another. In this song, it’s probably this fragility, this pain and the hurt feelings, the uncertainty, and even the anger that is reflected in a very pure and no-nonsense fashion. Yet also there’s a positive and uplifting feeling connected to this tune. There’s a signature vibe woven into the tune that feels self-aware, confident and still optimistic. From what I read on Chou’s bio, he had his share of negative things happening in life, and as life played the lowest cards on him, he decided to create beautiful music instead of just giving in to the pain.

Music can and will heal people. Especially if there’s so much soul and passion in there to find. ‘Lose Somebody’ is a rare type of music out there to find, not only healing listeners out there, but also the artist himself. Only when music is connected to such a pure form of soul and emotion, it can grow bigger than just the notes it consists of. And you got to agree with me: THIS tune is really big.

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