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The Hinterland – Empires

With a fine and detailed sense of melancholy supported by a driving rhythm and an almost mysterious melodic backing, the new release of London based project The Hinterland knows exactly how to trigger those hidden things in your mind.

You gotta love the sad and somewhat shifted moodset of this tune. It feels like your mind was wandering, searching for things to make sense of, as the tune evolves from night to day, music-wise. There’s a high amount of emotion woven into the tune, yet not too dominant or heavy-hearted. There’s also this energetic undertone present that fills the room with a signature kind of drive that is enriched with a Muse-ish desperate twist here and there.

Overall, I’d like to think that ‘Empires’ builds a post-apocalyptic mindset in the head of he listener. When everything is said and done, this is the new world order. Same applies not only to the theme but to the works of The Hinterland. They create a unique combination of several styles by merging them into a fresh and new blend I’d like to call ‘Hinterrock’.

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