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Jacqueline Loor – I Can Fly

Ladies and gentlemen: she’s back. (Well, in fact, she never left.) Jackie Loor did it again, this time with the melodic and emotional tune ‘I Can Fly’. While you cannot deny the emotion connected to the song because Loor once again wears her heart on her tongue so to speak, this time there’s a very empowering and positive element to find in the tune as well.

They say that life tells the best stories, right. And even if those stories might be painful and connected to some hard learned lessons, this is very true in my opinion. With this tune written for her twin sister, the energetic and reflective song tells the story of a toxic relationship and how to break free of boundaries which are probably not so hard to overcome in the end. In a way, this tune is a instruction manual for spreading your wings and for becoming the confident self-aware beautiful human that lies in all of us. We all tend to build most of the walls that confine us ourselves, and Jackie Loor calls us on it in the most caring and beautiful way.

Long story short, once again, Loor hit the sweet spot regarding the emotional aspect of music. This isn’t a sad song to make you feel down, this is your guide that lifts you off the ground. If you ask me, we all need a sister like Jackie Loor.

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