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James Greenfield – Endurance

London-based multi-instrumentalist James Greenfield is walking on unexpected territory with this release. With a defensive setting consisting of calm and methodical synths creating a lonely void, the stage is set for the calm and no-shenanigans vocals.

I really love the progression of the tune, going slowly from fragile and vulnerable to retrolectro over time. There’s no rush involved, and that’s what makes “Endurance” so great in my opinion. Every single element in the track gets its time and place to shine. When sparkling synths emerge, the vocals are holding back, and vice versa. The rhythm section is present enough to create a steady slow groove that contains just the amount of energy to get your head in motion.

Being about the process of shedding our demons and insecurities and how this process can really set you free in the end, it’s intriguing that Greenfield chose such a slow vintage environment that pays homage to the big stars of the 90s and even 80s, cultivating a new hybrid sound as the best of both past and present – because the sound is much more refined than it was back then. There’s a more sophisticated mix involved, and due to this mix, the sound gets a real bright shimmer that feels unique and relatable.

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