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Mark Sutton – Velvetine

The new release of pianoman Mark Sutton tells a story with an open end. It feels like one of the stories your grandparents used to tell when they were still alive. It contains wisdom, caring attention and a detail that only experience and time can develop.

I love the calm setting that “Velvetine” is developing. From the first notes on, the track creates an atmosphere that is filled with emotion and huge reverbed textures that are able to build so many possible sceneries. First thing that came to my mind was falling snow in a deserted mountain scenery, but in the end, the canvas for your mind to create any scenery is endless. Deep space exoplanets, sunsets, fireflies taking off into the night sky, ice fields in antarctica…whatever you imagine, this tune somehow paints the full picture for you.

Defensive melodies, sent out there to reach a destination unknown. Sutton knows exactly how to transmit feeling and passion in style. With the necessary amount of peacefulness, the tune comforts the listener with melodies that originate from the heart, yet were written by the soul. Feel that? This is way more than meets the ear. This is the definition of beauty in music.

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