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fiveighthirteen – early winter late day sun

With a incredible chilled blend of synth textures and laid back retro flavoured beat pattern, the last track of the album ‘a fever of rays’ knows how to get that signature relaxed vibe into your brain. Exactly what is needed to create a special relax area for the listener.

What seemingly is a dreamy slow tune is able to create a full-blown atmospheric scenery with effect-loaded synth patterns that feel floaty, bubbly and mysterious, while handmade string textures get a relatable human factor in. Along additional tracks that give the tune a somewhat jungle-ish feel, the track is designed to offer nothing less than a journey in a place you never have been before. And all of it is presented with that certain laid back, satisfied vibe. ‘early winter late day sun’ is more than meets the ear. Once started, once it has the chance to breathe, the tune evolves into a wholesome story that is both relaxing and incredibly exciting because of everything that’s happening in it.

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