Jon Licht – Tidal Waves

The new release of singer/songwriter/composer/producer Jon Licht is made out of an ingredient I’d like to call ‘positive melancholy’. While the story is being told in a signature styled defensive and held back manner, the track does contain a special spark that brightens the whole scenery.

Backed by this curious melodic synth structure, and an extraordinary rhythm set build with both a groovy main pattern and percussive elements that feel very alive and energetic, the vocals do their thing connected to this lost and lonely vibe. Yet the vocals aren’t feeling depressive or desperate, there’s a certain uplifting element present that makes the listener feel at ease. I really love this soft and defensive expressiveness. I’d go so far to say that this playful melodic progressions, connected to an outburst of emotive main themes, is one of the signature elements of the multitalented artist. These seemingly lightweight melodies which are transmitting a deep meaning and a high level of emotion are rare out there. And if you ask me, they should be categorized in a new genre called ‘Contemporary Licht’.

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