Kane Miller – Keep Away From Time

Once again, Ontario based singer-songwriter Kane Miller put it all out there. There’s a level of emotional expression present that isn’t found out there very often. I don’t exactly know what causes it, but in many of Miller’s tracks there’s this secret ingredient that instantly connects with me.

The sensitive vocals are nurtured by the defensive and relaxed backing. The melodic guitars along the minimal percussive construct create a scenery that has an unreal level of purity to offer. In this soft and crystalline atmosphere, the story is told with a lightweight and emotional twist, the vocals feel unstressed and, in a signature styled way, very innocent as well. Written as a Covid collaboration between Miller, producer Femke Weidema (USA) and Karl Adams (Netherlands), ‘Keep Away From Time’ acknowledges the discouragement everyone might be going through, yet it also offers a helping hand mood-wise. The effect that the tune creates is what I like to call a ‘blanket for your soul’. Music like this is created as medicine for your mind, not just as white noise to flood the room. If you let it, the tune has a healing effect on your soul.

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