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The Daily Spreadsheets – Sun Towards Me

Everyone! Sunglasses ready? Feeling like sun, beach, and served with interesting storytelling, one of the new releases of Brazilian multitalent Henrique Neves, better known under his project name The Daily Spreadsheets, is an interesting blend of styles, to say the least.

You gotta love the melodic vocals in the tune. They have a certain retro vibe connected to them, and along the guitar backing, it feels as if the Beach Boys would meet the Beatles to try out grungy alt rock for a change. The unique blend of styles creates a signature new genre I’d like to call ‘beach grunge’. And this, folks, is exactly the signature sound of Neves. Part lightweight, part happy, part melancholic, part fun, part sassy, and with a retro twist happening as well.

Shake, stir, and serve it as the world’s best cocktail named ‘Sun Towards Me’. What? Yes, OF COURSE with a tiny umbrella!

Find out more about The Daily Spreadsheets here:

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