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Ross K, Ioana Selaru – Lost Song

Ever wondered how it would sound like to explore the endless depths of space on your own? No rockets, no spaceships, just floating thorugh the void? The new release of Ross K and Ioana Selaru gives my mind a pretty accurate soundtrack for this scenario.

Where soft synth textures meet melodic violin textures that feel at ease and peaceful, with tension and energy added over time, ‘Lost Song’ starts somewhat lonely, with minimal soundscaping elements present, yet there are energetic beacon of light added through those outbursts of sound which start defensive yet gain momentum as the tune progresses. In a way, this feels like reaching the final destination where there’s no darkness anymore but light, warmth and peace.

As you can see, for me this tune has a somewhat meditative effect. If you concentrate on the elements in the sound, you’ll be able to let yourself be carried by the music in a certain way. But this isn’t just an easy going ride, the track contains these almost ‘stabbing’ passages where you don’t know what’s next, if the tune will return to calm or go into a completely different direction from there on. And it’s this tension happening that makes this track so irresistible, there’s a chemistry happening between the single elements (and, for that matter, between the artists as well, of course). This song is something to be experienced with more than one sense.

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