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Daverage J. Normal – Dark Stars

This one abducts you, and it does so not the gentle way. You are entering another dimension while listening to the new release of London based musician David Norman, better known as Daverage J. Normal.

You gotta love the dark and pressurized setting in ‘Dark Stars’. Pulsating bass synths build a threatening atmosphere while you are waiting to be shot into the dark void in your spaceship. Gritty textures, edgy grinding metallic snippets and mysterious playful arpeggiated patterns build this thick, layered atmosphere that transmits a certain awesome ‘no escape’ vibe.

While the tension is rising, the tune changes pace and rhythm all of a sudden, taking the energy to the next level. You gotta love the versatility happening here, it’s like a game of pinball – where the listener is the little steel ball that is driven from here to there, without the possibility to slow down. And while you’re going from one awesome ‘sound area’ to the next, you’ll find yourself grooving the whole time with a smile on your face. Seriously, guys – this tune made me think about putting my sunglasses on. On a rainy day while sitting at my desk.

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