Cheyana – Best Friend

These vocals.
Man, these vocals are something to fall for instantly. In her emotional and soulful ballad, singer/songwriter Yana Chepik aka Cheyana does enchant the listener from the first seconds on. The defensive and soft atmosphere that is build by the handmade backing instruments creates a cradle for your soul so to speak, and once you rested your soul in it, these outstanding vocals are there to comfort it.

There’s something special attached to ‘Best Friend’ besides the vocals though. The melancholic base triggers a certain moodset in me. This tune reminds me of friends of the past, of distant memories and feelings that I thought were forgotten. Dimmed rays of thoughts I thought I’d never see again. And there you have it, the most effective magic of this track is its ability to make you feel something. With a slight wise and understanding undertone, the melodies take their time to slowly nurse you. In a way, this track allows you to rest your head on its shoulders, and to be honest, in a world that is shaken with so many bad things right now, we need a shoulder to lean on, don’t we.

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