Cloud Opacity – Lavender Sage

This track of Canadian artist Cloud Opacity will take you to a time and space where everything is in a calm and beautiful balance.

Soft stringy synths and warm textures are building an atmosphere that feels endless. Defensive percussive effects are flying by as you float weightless through a scenario where all the problems of yesterday don’t seem to matter anymore. A steady and calm rhytmic construct guides you through the scenery to make sure you won’t get lost. I am stunned by the fact that this tune feels really comforting. Whenever you are stressed, this tune is designed to get your feet back on earth with its soothing and relaxing concept. Being a perfect mix of emotive melodies and electronic patterns, the music will make you feel this unique calmness that really matters.

And that’s what I love most about this track. With its ability to make you dream, ‘Lavender Sage’ won’t just show you a certain inner peace, it lets you feel it. It allows you to experience a signature inner peace with a soft and at times almost vintage-flavored undertone.

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Florian Maier

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