The Meanderings – The Water

You gotta love this swingy melancholy happening in not their newest release, but one of the most intriguing ones of the american duo Meanderings. The tune presents this lightweight, yet heavy-hearted vibe that’s not that easy to describe, yet it is felt more than easily.

With the single instrument tracks containing both relaxed/calm and energetic melodies, the track creates a very special canvas for the listener. In a way, the tune feels like a puppet play showing your life. While you watch the puppeteers working their magic, all of a sudden it hits you that you exactly know the feeling they are transmitting. With a very calm and honest vocal approach, the tune just tells it like it is. No extras, just this ultra-relatable core that everybody knows.

And it’s all connected to this awesome smiling wisdom. Daniel Cravens and Connor Morrison really created a storytelling beauty with this track, which is not only presenting a intriguing melodic composition, but also this unique gentle emotional setting.

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