Disharmonikerna – Främlingar

With their last single release before the new album (which will see the light of day around autumn), the guys of Swedish band Disharmonikerna (‘Disharmonics’) express a signature curious melancholy.

If you’re not fluent in Swedish, you probably do the same as me: you let the music speak for itself and then try to interpret it. While I got a little help with a free translation, my first impression of the track was absolutely confirmed. The tune feels in motion. It’s one of these ‘mind walks’ where you start thinking about a seemingly minimal thought that quickly evolves into a full-blown potential life-altering moment. While the track moves along, it feels a bit like roaming around, looking for a place to make sense, with a certain curious ‘what is the point?’ undertone that doesn’t feel judging but rather innocent. The song sort of keeps a signature ‘distance’ to the listener, not letting out all emotions, and not going in-your-face with its message. You could say that the tune is very ‘polite’ in telling its story, yet it recognizes the ‘stranger vibe’ happening out there.

And there you have it. ‘Främlingar’ (‘Strangers’) is about that certain desire to be unique, to stand out while at the same time be like everybody else, bend and probably lose oneself in the process, becoming a stranger amongst strangers. The track handles a very sophisticated topic, translating it into honest and relatable music that’s comprehensible even without the translation of the lyrics.

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