Neon Fields – Cage of Lions

With an incredible amount of intensity, UK based trio Neon Fields is back with their new single called ‘Cage of Lions’. Boy, you gotta love this one of a kind sub-surface vibe that’s present in this track.

Once again, the track builds an overwhelming atmosphere that makes you go through a whole palette of feelings. The tune feels dark, lost, insecure, cold, and it also contains a signature ‘desperate’ component. With these style elements, the track fires away pure and unfiltered intensity. The synth textures drifting in the back, the defensive and at parts almost whispering vocals, the relentless drum patterns along melodic synth stabs – all these elements paint this picture for the listener, in which you can experience the torn feel of blood rushing through your veins, of wandering restless thoughts, and of the floating state between anger and helplessness. And ‘Cage of Lions’ does so with a threatening slow approach. As in their previous release ‘Light Them Up’ , the band works with an energy that’s not so obvious that you get hit over the head with it, but it’s realized through a signature slow and silent undertone woven into their songs. Like something in the shadows, something everybody knows but no one wants to talk about in public. I’d like to call this signature element ‘sophisticated darkness’.

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