Neon Fields – Light Them Up

You gotta love the energy that’s present in the new release of Wiltshire based trio Neon Fields. Lurking in the shadows, threatening like a wild wolf that’s on a hunt. The synth tracks along the sub bass setting create tension, while the methodical beat drives relentlessly through the darkness. The vocals contain this certain melancholic vibe that can be found in most of ourselves, fitting perfectly in this dark and mysterious scenery.

Overall, ‘Light Them Up’ is pure excitement and energy. There’s no hectic feel present, it’s as if the track knows exactly what it is doing. As if it all was said and done long before the track even started.
I really like this ever-knowing wisdom connected to the tune. Circling around the theme of a paranoid schizophrenic who’s convinced that he is being watched and hunted, the track manages to transmit this exact uncomfortable feel, but with an overwhelming pressurized undertone. Later on, the tune transforms into what I can best describe as a ‘wave of emotions’ crashing over the head of the listener. This, guys, is intense storytelling from start to finish.

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