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Carla Coyne – Better

The new release of singer/songwriter Carla Coyne is a unique mix of emotions. Being about finding a better space within yourself and realising your self worth, the track blends different moodsets and emotions, from vulnerable and self-doubting to an uplifting positive vibe. This is mostly done through the outstanding and pure vocals of ‘Better’.

What makes those vocals so believable is the fact that you can feel the honesty that’s being transmitted. We all know this insecurity. We’re shy, we’re full of self-doubt, and we are constantly trying to find our place in this life. The thoughts that are revolving around the main theme of this track are the same that are circling in your head when you look at the mirror every day. We all know these thoughts and feelings, and it’s exactly THIS what makes the track so effective. With a defensive piano and string backing the track starts like a spark in the darkness, turning into a full-blown bright campfire over time. You gotta love this self-evident transformation of the tune.

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Florian Maier

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