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John Adams – Amen

This is a tune that is designed to grab your loved one, to hold her or him as close as you can, and not let go for at least the next 3 minutes.

There’s something very honest attached to this song. In my opinion, you can hear the emotional mindset of singer/songwriter John Adams while he sings with passion, and a certain humble vibe. As if the song was afraid to break something when going too energetic, the soft atmosphere is filled with a genuine mood through a very defensive rhythm set, along a warm and gentle backing.

In a way, this song feels like an ocean for me. Imagine a sunny and calm day. While there are these little waves present, overall the endless water just there, existing in constant slight motion. And while everybody knows that there will be rougher times, there will be troubled water, so to speak, for now it’s about enjoying and appreciating this exact moment, on this sunny day. And while ‘Amen’ is about finally finding your missing piece, I think it’s a pure approach of appreciation as well. There’s a genuine gentle thankfulness connected to the tune, and in the end THIS is what makes the track so effective. We can learn from this tune and its message. The mindset of the track isn’t given out there. Yet it absolutely should be.

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Florian Maier

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