Luna Keller – High Low High Low

We all felt this way before. Especially when times are rough, like in these days. With her new release, singer/songwriter Luna Keller paints a perfect picture of the emotional rollercoaster called ‘life’.

With a very honest approach, the song knows how to create the general feel created by life. Let’s face it – we humans love calm repetition, right. It’s one of the things that give us stability. Same old, same old, you know? But life isn’t all about repetitive patterns. Sooner or later we are forced to leave our comfort zone one way or another. There are highs, and there are lows. We cannot change this fact, and why would we even try to? And that’s where ‘High Low High Low’ has some truth in store for us.

What I love about the tune is that it feels as if the positive and ravishing vocals of Keller would take you by the hand with a understanding smile, as if the singer wanted to tell you ‘I know. Let’s go. Let’s not waste time anymore.’ In this soft yet distinct fashion, the track delivers wisdom in a very genuine and warm way. And that’s exactly where the goosebumps start.

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