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Dear Banshee – Plagued

The new release of Dear Banshee raises the bar when it comes to melancholy. With a sad and beaten-down undertone, yet a certain drive through the rhythm section, the track feels like you are pulled through a monotonuos way of living day in and day out. The vocals are done denfensive, fitting perfectly into this well-rounded moody atmosphere. The whole tune reflects the daily full circle we’re all bound to, a mixture of emotion, repetitions and this overwhelming flood of information. And that’s where ‘Plagued’ hit me the most: it’s the relatable feel that’s connected to the sound.

And then of course there’s the video coming along with it. This is where visual art meets music. Although I love the work of Andy Markantonatos, it also almost painfully puts the finger where it hurts these days. This loneliness, this sadness, this helplessness, everything thats created by the music, is reflected perfectly in the pictures, showing exactly what’s the problem. It’s brave to point out, and although it hurts being forced to understand the truth here, it also sets kind of a healing process in motion. If you ask me, we desperately need more meaningful music like this.

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Florian Maier

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