Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers – Haunts

This tune is a great and versatile storyteller. I love this emotional base setting that feels both vintage and handmade, it’s as if you just entered a long forgotten club not from this time. With a sophisticated approach, every single element in ‘Haunts’ has its own unique flavor to tell the story as a whole.

I need you to pay close attention for this tune. Feel that? The piano sounds like it has seen it all, while the strings and the guitars along the relaxed but advanced drum patterns add a certain ‘wise vibe’ to the scenario. And these well-rounded defensive vocals build an atmosphere as if the song was performed in one of these vintage theatres. You know, the ones with those small lantern lights on small round tables, and a wooden stage. You gotta love the handmade appearance of the track. THIS is how music is made to tell a story, guys. The nuances are created with the knowledge on how to handle the instruments, and how to create intense vocals without just throwing them out with a load of energy and tension. Being expressive without building energy or drive is an art form that is mastered perfectly by Sally Rushbrook & The Soothsayers.

Long story short: with ‘Haunts’, you are served a ravishing cocktail of melodies and emotion, completed with vintage textures and captivating wisdom.

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