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Five Track Mind – HANG UP HANG OUT

The track hits the nail on the head regarding what’s happening outside nowadays. And it does so with a certain laid back vibe. The Houston, Texas based pop/alternative trio managed to call out the problem with a relaxed beat, a defensive melodic backing and those calm yet very expressive vocals. Done and proessed in their own signature style, the vocals feel at home in this soft yet energetic atmosphere the song creates. And you gotta love the tension building by those extra vocals, because let’s be honest for a second – there’s not a single soul out there who didn’t want to scream this in someone’s face at least once recently.

What I like most about this track is its easy going approach with an actual topic. The ‘hang up’ issue is performed ultra-relatable and catchy at the same time. Delivered in this signature relaxed style, this tune will make you sing along in the car, office, kitchen, shower, anywhere. (OR it will make you scream it in someone’s face if necessary.)

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