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Catch the Rise – Soda and Lime

Prepare to enter a familiar yet strangely unknown territory. This tune feels like REM sleep. While there’s a relaxed setting build by the synths and the guitar tracks, you’ll find yourself floating in between being awake and deep asleep. The synth and handmade textures feel soft and comforting, everything just is okay while you have a slow flyby over your thoughts.

You gotta love the general vibe of ‘Soda and Lime’. With the processed vocal sample, the sound gets an almost meditative flair. As you relax, you get chanted deeper into this extraordinary world of sound, courtesy of American composter/producer Britt Barker better known as ‘Catch the Rise’. The song is a showcase of how several unrelated components can be combined to a floaty piece of groove. It takes the ear and knowledge to actually hear what the single sounds can be transformed into, and the result speaks for itself.

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