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Viewing Party – Let Me Be

You gotta love the energy and drive in the new release of Dubai based 4-piece band Viewing Party. Oh, and the blend of different styles and even cultural ingredients. And the feelable bond happening between all musicians. And the optimistic vibe. Long story short – you gotta love the tune!

So, where to start? Being a drummer myself, I’ll start with the driving rhythm section that is completed with oriental drum tracks to not only get the ‘pulse’ of the song, but also the sparkling motion in there. While the signature guitar/bass melody creates a rock solid base (with ROCK being the point here), the stage is set for those emotional, uplifting and positive vocals of Kasha Fernandes. Although those vocals are done really defensive and to a certain point almost vulnerable, they fit perfectly into the atmosphere of ‘Let Me Be’.

This tune is like this new coffee flavor a friend recommends to you. At first you probably are reluctant to change your habit, then you get convinced to try it – and BOOM, you’re hooked for life. I mean, just imagine this track being played live. You won’t find any soul in the room that won’t be moving once this tune takes you for a ride. And it does so with a signature warmth that isn’t found very often out there in the industry.

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