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Allanah Jeffreys – Alone

The new release of Canadian electro pop artist Allanah Jeffrey is designed to leave a mark. With a very crystalline approach, the tune blends disco and future pop elements with awesome females vocals to an ultra-effective genre-defying track.

It’s hard to decide what element in ‘Alone’ fits best for me. Those playful and somewhat icy synth patterns create a cold cavern in which the vocals fit in perfectly. And the track can switch seamlessly to a much ‘warmer’ atmospheric setting to introduce more feel and emotion. Loaded with this danceable groove, the track feels fresh and innocent, like that first breath you take when stepping out in the early morning when its freezing outside.

The tune’s topic is about being trapped in a toxic relationship but unwilling to leave because you fear being by yourself. This ‘icy core feel’ mirrors this topic perfectly. But – and that’s the game changer here – not in a melancholic but in a positive way. This tune reminds us of what power lies inside any of us. It’s as if the tune wanted to say: ‘Don’t fear change. You got this.’

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