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Sofi Gev – Bloom

This is the sound of spring’s melancholy for me. According to the artist, the sound ‘grew out of feeling foggy, unfocused and depressed’, and this is reflected on spot with the relaxed laid back beat, the emotional vocals and that somewhat haunted melody.

For me, the sound builds this small room I’m sitting in, staring out of a dirty window at what happens downtown. We all know the feeling of getting somewhat ‘detached’ of what’s happening outside our four walls, and in times like these with the whole covid mess happening, this feeling can be tripled regarding intensity. Yet ‘Bloom’ isnt’t just another sad song about giving in to this melancholy, there’s a positive core vibe to find in there which transmits a certain ‘it’s going to be okay’ feel as well. In the end, it’s okay to feel like that, as long as you don’t think of it as the end of the line. As things end, there’s always a new beginning somewhere down the road. We need to tweak and adjust who we are, but in the end, everything will fall in place, and that’s the beauty of life. The ability to transmit this vibe is what makes this song a beauty. It leaves me with closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, put on a smile and restart whatever I’m up to. Everybody is giving us permission to do so, the only thing we have to do is give ourselves this permission too.

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Florian Maier

CEO/Producer at kings mountain studios (kms). Drummer. Sound explorer. Music enthusiast. Critic. Writer. Husband. Father. All stacked up in 1.88 m, 80 kg.

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