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Titi Woo – To All Who’s Out There (לכל מי שקיים)

This track brings a very special melancholy to the table. Alhough I can’t follow all the lyrics because of the language barrier, the tune still creates a very special atmosphere for me (and for those who are interested, youtube has english subtitles). Before I tell you about the context of how this tune came to be, let’s talk about the emotional vibe that is transmitted. It feels uplifting and optimistic, but there’s also a certain sadness involved. In a way it feels like an advice from an old friend who means nothing but good. The warm and relaxed textures of the song along the vocals of the two brothers give the track a certain honest vibe that cannot be faked, this tune originates from the heart and contains an important message that is valid throughout all of the social classes. It simply doesn’t matter who you are. Just listen to this, because this is for you.

The song is actually a farewell song of David, back then one half of the band known as Titi Woo. David knew that he was terminally ill and felt the need to farewell and say his final words. Dedicated to all the people who exist on planet earth, this track makes my heart ache, but it does so while putting a smile on my face as well, because it’s with messages like this one when music reveals its ultimate power. Even when facing death, people are spreading their message of love with music. It fills my heart with joy to know that music has that effect on people, and that it lasts over times when we are gone.

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