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Emmanuel De La Paix – Clouds to Climb

This isn’t your everday radio tune. It’s rather a journey that’s being told just with the power of music. In other words, this track is an awesome soundtrack of curiosity. With all the things happening in ‘Clouds to Climb’, there’s a surreal scenario built which feels oddworld-ish and mysterious.

For me, this tune feels a bit like walking through an amazonian rain forest. Not that I have done that already, but this is how I imagine it. Your whole surrounding is alive and somewhat moving, as you feel like being the intruder to this strange exciting world that never invited you. With soundscaping reverbed elements, the track builds a majestic atmosphere that lives and breathes this curious element. You’ll find everything in the sound if you pay attention, and it’s this versatility that makes the track so intriguing for me. There’s beauty and also danger woven in these lush textures and percussive crisp elements. The sound is telling you to keep alerted, because you never know what builds next. And in the end, it’s this tension what makes this track so unique for me.

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