Paul Saunderson – Earth

Being part of the soundtrack of a documentary, this tune defines the magnitude of the topic ahead.

Just listen to it. A little spark that within seconds ignites a whole evolutionary process. One tiny beacon of light creates tidal waves of energy, releasing and subtracting energy in what seems to be a coincidental process when in fact it’s following a scheme.

What I truly love about the main theme of British film composer Saunderson is the fact that the music itself paints pictures. It doesn’t need a video to tell the story. With different chapters, the tune honors the playfulness in which evolution is doing its thing. Soft textures allow the listener to get immersed in a scheme that’s greater than mankind. It’s stunning how the music not only lets you feel that big things are happening but also allows the listener to go with the flow, to sense and enjoy the moment. There are these seconds before another outburst of living energy happens which I’d like to call goosebumps triggers. It’s where you know that change is inevitable, it feels like the split second before the rollercoaster changes from ascending to freefall. Transported by orchestral instruments within a wholesome concept, “Earth” lets you freeze in time for a second.

Picturing the magnitude of things humans cannot control is a gift, one that Saunderson has and luckily shares with the world. With the help of classy instruments and a direct concept of how to reach out for all your senses, this track as well as the rest of the EP “Earth. One Planet. Many Lives” is a mind-blowing journey through time and space.

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