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Hunayn – Screams Of Aversion

The new release of virtual indie band Hunayn with members from the United States, Saudi Arabia, UK, and Australia, fills the room with a very classy flair. The tune builds its intensity with a classic rock setting. Taking its time, ‘Scream of Aversion’ delivers in a very calm, yet high impact fashion. While the guitars get an emotional base layer into the track, it’s the intense vocals that let the listener feel whats going on.

Being a song about a breakup experience, the song knows how to to make the listener experience this heavy-hearted melancholic feel we probably all know too well. I love the fact that the track does its thing in this signature classic rock fashion, making me feel a mixture of ‘those were the times’ and ‘I know how this feels’ as the song progresses. The soulful guitar lines blend with the vocals to an authentic and passionate song core, while the pure rhythm and bass section brings in some guidance yet stays sophisticated and alive at the same time. Overall, a lot of thought was put into the tune, and it absolutely shows.

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