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Lycio – I Will Take Over

The tenth single release of Lycio builds a dark and methodical atmosphere. With a dark deep bass synth and minimal percussion, the tune builds like a thunderstorm. What starts calm with dark clouds on the horizon, unleashes its energy with a driving brute genre-blending rhythm along intense vocals.

One of the secret ingredients of ‘I Will Take Over’ is the processed nature of the used elements. Doesn’t matter if it’s vocal tracks or synths, everything falls to its knees by the unforgiving distortion. You gotta love the harsh environment where everything feels like its out there hunting you down. The vocals deliver with a special untamed vibe. The chants happening in there feel hypnotizing and paralyzing. The whole song delivers in an intimidating fashion, in my opinion the core message here is ‘this is far enough’. Long story short: this tune is the soundtrack of what happens when the prey decides to turn around and be the hunter. You gotta love the attitude delivered with every single note.

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Florian Maier

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