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Jacob Faurholt – The Dark Isn’t Right

Melancholic guitar melodies,  matching vocals and lyrics, and an extra amount of feel transmitted with it – there you have it, the new track of danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt. Perfect music for a calm, quiet evening. Time for some selfreflecting, guys.

The first single off the upcoming album of Faurholt is quite a moody one in my opinion. With that almost traditional guitar/bass/piano/drum setting, this one doesn’t exactly throw around with what I like to call ‘whoah elements’, but that’s a good thing, because it allows the listener to focus on the emotion and the vocals in the song. The music feels quite melancholic through the slow tempo and the melodies, and this draws you into this state of mind where you feel like you haven’t been home for too long now, even if you’re sitting AT HOME while listening.

The mix is a thing of beauty, because it’s all about clever cave-like reverb which adds a certain amount of loneliness to the track. Again, this is a good thing because it creates a certain feel along the music, and that’s what I love about music the most – it’s not just the notes that are played or sung, it’s the in-between feel that makes music awesome. Nowadays, any kid at home can be a solid bedroom producer, but only a few artists out there are able to take what’s lying there between the notes and deliver it with an extra portion of their soul and mindset. And, folks, Jacob Faurholt is such an artist. A living, breathing example that good music doesn’t need effect chains all over the place, or re-remastered re-recordings. I found myself listening to this track with that satisfied ‘he’s a real deal’ smile.

Faurholt is working on releasing his next album called “Shake Off The Fear”, and if the other tracks are done in similar fashion, this will be an awesome album with a somewhat retro, somewhat alternative folk feel to it. Not your everyday happy music – but lets be honest, we got enough of that out there already, right. It’s time to go sub-surface and experience some meaning while listening.

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