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Tim Schaufert – Temporary

The new track of Berlin based producer Tim Schaufert was released on my birthday, but that’s not the reason I’m writing about it. The reason is the awesome soft and silky atmosphere that it builds.

Check out those ethereal dreamy textures. With a slow and defensive synth approach and a minimal percussive setting, the tune somehow is able to slow down time as the emotional vocals and vocal one-shots fill the room with depth and meaning. The melodic patterns are both playful and lightweight, they sit really well in this extraordinary atmosphere that feels like an awesome mix of ‘rainy forest’ and ‘afterlife’. Coping with the fear of death and the time when you want to be around the people you love and just hold them for eternity, the track captures this exact feeling perfectly for me. And it does so in a not too melancholic manner, but with a certain positive ‘dusk vibe’ attached. ‘Temporary’ uses both pop elements and downtempo/chillout elements to bring out the best of both worlds. Closed headphones and closed eyes are mandatory for this tune, folks.

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