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Steve Drizos – You Don’t See That Now

This track of Portland based musician Steve Drizos knows how to transmit a certain beaten-down melancholy with both the vocals and the backing. There’s a certain methodical slow vibe attached to the fourth track of the recently released album Axiom, the tune takes its time while making a statement with an atmosphere that is evolving as the song progresses.

The backing gets several instrument tracks added, and there’s a more distinct energy present over time, which is also changing the overall mood of the tune. What felt tired and lost at the beginning, changes to a more positive vibe, as if ‘You Don’t See That Now’ was starting as a letter that evolved into a full-blown statement when it was written. The addition of the female vocals of Kyleen King introduces a more open approach, this isn’t about a specific person anymore now, it’s rather about the situation that hits anyone of us eventually, being pictured perfectly by both of the vocals. In a way, this track ‘hides’ what it is capable of at first, and I love that this unexpected versatility is released eventually.

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