Våke – Farer

When I did the first review about the work of Norwegian band Våke, I stated that the tune would speak a universal language. With their new release ‘Farer’ (‘dangers’) it’s no different. There’s something special attached to the tune. There’s this soft wisdom blended into the music that lets you feel the intentions as much as the lyrics tell you.

In my case, with my Norwegian being as rudimentary as my ability to make my kids eat broccoli, I’m stunned that the song knows how to transmit its intention with soft melodies, a safe setting and these awesome vocals. Being a song about the moments in life when you are unsettled by existential insecurity, the tune lets you feel these insecurities, but it also shows you the light at the horizon with a special lightweight positive undertone. And it’s this lightweight ingredient that makes me feel great about the slight melancholy happening in ‘Farer’. To paint a picture: the sound lifts me up from the ground after we fell. And it’s in those times when I need tunes like this desperately. We all do.

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