David S McCormack – Inner Seas (off the West Coast of Scotland)

There’s something special attached to this tune of Scottish musician McCormack. Feel that? There’s a signature happy and lightweight vibe present. The sound feels like flying over green land, taking in all of the fresh air while enjoying the sun. Finally reaching the seas, the sound lets you feel the breeze and smell the water there. The tune creates a whole scenery for the listener if you let it.

Yes, I agree that ‘Inner Seas’ isn’t the most well-rounded take out there in the industry. Yes, it has its rough edges and given a couple of takes, all the glitches woud have been erased eventually. But you know what? So would have been the soul and essence of the song. This time, it’s more about the feel for me. This tune isn’t played by a machine, it originates from the heart. It’s authentic. Therefore, to produce this genuine atmosphere, I feel that it’s necessary for this tune to be a one-take. With all the little handmade certificates of authenticity in it. This tune is meant to be felt, and it is meant to transmit the feeling of the artist in the process. And so it absolutely does in my opinion.

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