Jacqueline Loor – Just a Memory

The new release of singer/songwriter Jacqueline Loor triggers one of these dark moments of clarity you usually try to evade. (Well, at least I tend to do that.) Reflecting on your relationship only is easy when everything is peachy, but when facing problems or taking a look at the facts after getting rid of distractions and wishful thinking, that’s the wound where this song puts the finger on. And while feeling emotionally intense, it almost hurts you with a brutal honesty.

The tune builds an amazing atmosphere. It feels lonely, cold, lost in a dark endless room with no walls. The minimal rhythm section along that reverbed piano builds a place that feels like being alone with your thoughts and feelings, and as painful and uncomfortable as this might be at first, ‘Just a Memory’ is executed so perfectly that it sends goosebumps down your spine with every vocal track fading in the back, every lonely piano chord and every statement made by the beautiful voice of Loor. Once again, Loor managed to convert unfiltered intense emotions into a beautiful song.

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