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Sanya N’Kanta – The Hard Lesson

Released back in October 2020, this tune of North Carolina-based artist Sanya N’Kanta manages to deliver wisdom wrapped in groove and style.

There’s something special about the sound of this tune. It might be the somewhat lo-fi rhythm approach, the honest guitar backing, or the soft, warm and relatable voice of N’Kanta – everything in ‘The Hard Lesson’ just feels honest. The tune merges several style elements from different genres to a positive theme that makes you think about the message it delivers. But overall, the track doesn’t point fingers nor plays the blame game. In life, there are facts that need to be spoken out every now and then. Being able to choose, I’d rather have those facts delivered with that laid back groove and a warm base setting instead of learning them the hard way. This track does what I wish some close friends would do more often: it’s honest without sugarcoding anything. And the song won’t be bitter for a second. You gotta love this positive approach.

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Florian Maier

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