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Bixtime – Rise

A lot of things are happening in the EP “feel this” of electronic producer and artist Bixtime. Today, I’m going to highlight one of his tracks off this EP called “Rise”. Maybe not the most energetic one, but the most intense one in my opinion.

With a curious approach, “Rise” invites you to a journey I’d like to  call “electronica walk”. Reverbed high pitched synth melodies create a playful wide atmosphere which seems ready to be explored by the listener. At first the backing beat is held perfectly minimal to not destroy that mysterious glow. Until there’s that thick boom-bap happening, which is adding a strange but familiar portion of industrial, metallic feel. Mixed up with several effect layers, there’s always something happening during those three minutes of track. Bixtime knows how to change pace whenever it seems that the track would go linear otherwise, and this is where the art lies in creating electro tracks in my opinion. Using percussive elements like metal scraping or something alike, the producer from Venice, USA keeps this track a perfect mixture of groove and mystical behaviour. The used risers act as kind of ‘breathing moments’ within the track, it’s like entering the next door while you explore this kind of electro synth pop sound. The mix of the track was done rock solid and slightly favors the synth layers and the percussive elements as the main ingredients.

Bixtime has already found his signature sound with those intelligent layered, somewhat retro-ish soft and warm synth main tracks. From there on, it seems like he just adds other elements or unique melody progressions to make the tracks come to life. The range in “feel this” goes from soft, laid back and warm to kicking, energetic and ice cold. This versatility makes the EP a well-rounded project transmitting what the artist is all about.

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Florian Maier

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