TEF – Quarantine Blues


The latest release of Amsterdam based musician Thomas Jongsma, better known as TEF, has a certain introvert vibe attached. With a warm melancholic backing mostly made out of some guitar guitar tracks and a defensive beat, the sound feels distant and somewhat detached in an awesome way. The used elements in ‘Quarantine Blues’ are structured, yet they feel somewhat ‘lost’ they way there were mixed. And in the process, they reflect the base theme of the tune perfectly.

What I love the most about this track is its honesty and its authenticity. I can relate to almost every single element in there, from wide spaced room to the emotional vocals to the soulful sad sax melody, everything feels relatable. Been there, felt that. With seemingly minimal elements, the sound transmits its message in an expressive laid back and grooving way. The sound feels beaten down, but not broken yet. As far as I can tell, the sound pretty much hits the nerve of our daily lives right now.

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Florian Maier

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