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Nathaniel Bellows – Split Lip

The fourth track off the album ‘Three’ takes its time. There are things in the world that cannot be rushed. Like good wine that needs time to grow and to develop its taste, with ‘Split Lip’ its no different. The track won’t let the listener set the pace, it’s fully in charge of what’s happening. This slow methodical and ‘wise’ aproach is one of the main ingredients making this tune so effective. The other would be those awesome vocals.

If you ever wondered what makes something unique, just listen to these calm and mature vocals. Loaded with a signature kind of melancholy, something in the voice of multitalent Bellows triggers my heart to get a lot heavier in an instant. While the track develops over time, getting several extra instrument tracks added to create tension and substance, it gets clear to me that every single element used in this track has a very special meaning. Everything is carefully placed in the track, there’s no such thing as coincidence happening. Together, all the elements tell their story in quite a minimalistic, yet ultra-effective way.

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