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Mully & Sculder – Heartbreaking

This tune feels exactly like the title says: heartbreaking. There’s a certain retro-ish core present that makes the new release of Canadian duo Mully & Sculder shine in sort of a ‘wise’ light. The backing has a unique vintage-flavored beat and melody combination that injects a certain kind of a loner vibe which goes great with the intense emotional vocals. The extra elements happening mostly in the back, like the shredded guitar sounds or the lonely reverbed single melody tracks, give the track substance and depth.

There’s something attached to these ravishing vocals though. I think it’s a special kind of desperation that waited long in the shadows for the right moment. Switching seamlessly between this desperation and confidence, the overall moodset of the song stays in constant motion, and this along the unqiue cold dark-ish atmosphere is what makes ‘Heartbreaking’ a true gem.

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