Addison Johnson – Cumberland River ’58

This, folks, is classic storytelling. The new release of American singer/songwriter Addison Johnson knows how to paint a picture with sound. Better yet, the tune creates a whole movie for you.

I love the calm and honest way in which said story is told. In a relaxed atmosphere there are these guitar tracks, creating a warm and almost vintage flavoured scenery which is a perfect base for the relatable vocals. These vocals are attached to a certain wisdom, the song feels like a good friend who is telling you some secrets. With the sound never getting too energetic or driven, the atmosphere feels somewhat mysterious and floating over the total running time. (On a side note, the production is a thing of beauty. Everything falls in place here.)
I always love a good story being told by music, and done in this special moody atmosphere, this is the most honest story that I heard in a long time.

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Florian Maier

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