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LOWROM – Blood Cult

Proceed at your own risk.

Dark. Cold. Threatening. Taken off the EP ‘Primal’, this track by German producer/designer Jan Lorenz is designed to make you feel umcomfortable. And I absolutely love it.

The bass synth tracks create a dense dark layer of shadows where all the other elements are lurking in. There is a methodical steady rhythm happening, but that would be the only linear constant to find in ‘Blood Cult’. Everything else is placed seemingly coincidentical. There are percussive elements that create a huge room – but this room can ‘shrink’ to a tiny space in an instant due to the processing of single tracks. The vocals contain almost metallic textures that feel strangely de-humanized. Due to the slow methodical approach, the track takes its time, like it was knowing you can’t get away. Oddly vocal one-shots get you that special feel as if you were followed. All in all, this tune is dense, it creates tension, and it’s made to increase your blood pressure levels. Done in that ice-cold calculating fashion, this will send goosebumps down your spine. Proceed at your own risk. You’ve been warned.

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