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Kasbah Rockers – Rarnati

A certain shimmer of the unknown.

There’s something honest attached to the new release of Kasbah Rockers. Maybe it’s the steady and down-to-earth groove. Maybe it’s the exotic flavoured melodic approach, or these enchanting vocals. Maybe it’s the unique processing of said vocals that feel mighty mysterious when chopped, transformed and crushed.

Whatever it is, the new release called ‘Rarnati’ brings a steady and calm groove to the table. Along the almost hypnotic melodies, the tune has oriental roots and elements while containing electronic elements at the same time. This feels like a bridge that has been built between handmade and electro, between culture and groove. While the vocals sometimes almost get lost in the backing, at other times they are razor sharp and crystal clear, this feels both dreamy and hypnotic. (An awesome combination in my opinion, I just love these two main factors in this tune.) Wrapped with a certain signature lush chillout vibe, this track has a certain shimmer of the unknown attached.

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