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Parlour Magic – Ville Rose

An outstanding mix of past and present.

The new release of NYC-based producer, media artist, and composer Luc Bokor-Smith is attached to a vintage-flavored vibe. With a methodical rhythm construct, ‘Ville Rose’ puts the spotlight on the positive emotional vocals. The backing creates a retro-ish warm atmosphere that feels warm and defensive. Not rushing anything, the tune knows how to deliver with a signature melodic approach.

What draws me most towards this tune is the fact that it somehow triggers a certain groove in me. This one lets me think about things of the past, while I find myself slowly grooving along the sparkling melodies. With those bubbly arpeggios happening in the back, the track has an electro shimmer that is woven into the almost underwater-ish melodic emotions. The extravagant processed vocals feel understanding and familiar, and there’s ths retro element as if they were warped from the past into the electro future. In the end, it’s this outstanding mix of past and present that makes me put this tune on repeat.

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