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Taylor Raynor – Come What May

Taken directly out of life's playbook.

It’s time for some reality, for some warm and honest words along a no-shenanigans setting. Tampa’s own Taylor Raynor created a relatable and down-to-earth piece with ‘Come What May’. In this tune, a relaxed and well-rounded guitar base blends with a driving yet defensive rhythm section, building an uplifting-vibed atmosphere for the listener.

The track posesses a truth that feels both positive and melancholic, both uplifting and advising. What makes this tune so intriguing for me is this wise undertone hidden in between the single elements. This feels like it was taken directly out of life’s playbook, it doesn’t aim for being the next chart one-hit wonder but it tries to transmit feelings and the message. I love when a track contains this much feeling, and it’s even better when its attached to a slight uplifting groove. This way, the message feels lightweight and passionate at the same time, letting you know the importance of the message while delivering it with that special ‘hey, it’s okay’ vibe. Long story short: this, guys, is what they call ‘soulfood’.

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