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Ava Maybee – Lay Low

How to create a lush and sexy groove.

You gotta love the atmosphere that the new release of american singer/songwriter Ava Maybee creates. The room that’s created with the defensive melodic synths, the reverbed echoed vocal tracks and this lush bass line feels awesome. Somewhat cold and lost, yet also very familiar. The slow progression of the song adds a certain ‘hopeless’ vibe to the scene, and just before the tune gets too melancholic, there they are.

The vocals are plain awesome in ‘Lay Low’. Somewhat defensive and drained, yet they have this ‘come on. I’ll buy you a drink’-feeling attached. Done with a calm and sexy undertone, the vocals add some vintage glitter to the track, while the tune overall creates a partly lonely melancholic feel. This slow methodical groove construct of the tune makes the track shine in a sophisticated light, and the well-rounded mix serves as the icing on the cake, so to speak. Long story short, guys: THIS is how to create a lush and sexy saturday night groove.

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